Paint Shop Pro - free trial
*FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss
*KPT5 (Kai's Power Tools) - Blurrrr
I can't locate this filter online anymore
Tutorial for installing Kai's Power Tools in Vista
*Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 - Impact Glass
Alien Skin has replaced Version 5 with Version 7 which I do not have
You can get a free demo of 7 at their web site
*A graphic - One central focal point is best


2020 Mask
Put into the "My PSP" Masks folder
My Eye Candy Glass - Preset
Double click the preset to install it into the plugin

This tutorial was created in PSP 9
*Settings remain the same unless otherwise written
*Do not deselect until instructed

1. Launch Paint Shop Pro and open the graphic

2. Shift+D to duplicate it

3. Close the original

4. Activate the Dropper Tool (E)

5. Left click a color in the graphic to set the Foreground and Stroke Color in the Materials Palette
It will also be used as the main color on the letter background
Set the Foreground and Stroke Properties Color

6. Image>Resize Settings:
Width and Height: 400 pixels on way or the other
The other side will self adjust
Resample using: is checked
Smart Size is selected
Maintain original print size is not checked
Lock aspect ratio: is checked
Resize all layers is checked

7. Layers>Promote Background Layer

8. Edit>Copy

9. Minimize it


1. File>New Settings:
Width: 2,400 pixels or your preference
Height: 350 pixels
Raster Background is clicked
Color depth: 16 Million Colors
Transparent is checked

2. Selections>Select All

3. Edit>Paste>Paste Into Selection

4. Selections>Select None

5. Effects>Image>Effects>Seamless Tiling at Default

6. Layers>Merge>Merge All (Flatten)

7. Effects>Plugins>KPT5 - Blurrrr Settings:

8. Effects>Image Effects>Seamless Tiling

9. Layers>New Raster Layer

10. Activate the Flood Fill Tool (F) Settings:
Match mode: None
Sample merged is not checked
Blend mode: Normal
Opacity: 100

11. Left click the canvas to flood fill it with the foreground color

12. Lower the opacity on this layer to 50-65 (preference)

13. Layers>Merge>Merge All (Flatten)

14. Maximize the graphic from Preparation step 9

15. Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load Mask From Disk Settings:
Source luminance is clicked
Fit to canvas is checked
Invert transparency is not checked
Hide all mask is clicked

16. Layers>Merge>Merge Group

17. Image>Resize Settings:
Width: 55%
Height: 55%

18. Edit>Copy

19. Edit>Undo

20. Minimize it

Working with the long background strip

21. Edit>Paste>Paste As New Layer

22. Lower the opacity on this layer to 10

23. Effects>Plugins>FM Tile Tool - Blend Emboss
Horiz. Offset: -1.000
Vert. offset: -1.000
Intensity: 0.500
Gray Level: 64
Red Blend: 0.938
Green Blend: 0.938
Blue Blend: 0.938
Edge Wrap is checked

24. Layers>Merge>Merge All (Flatten)

23. File>Save As A JPEG and as the letter background

24. Close it out of PSP


Working with the masked graphic from the background section step 20

1. Image>Canvas Size Settings:
Width: 150 pixels greater than the original shown
Height: 150 pixels greater than the original shown
Lock aspect ratio: not checked
Placement - the center diamond is clicked
All other settings at default

2. Activate the Selection Tool (S) Settings:
Selection type:
Either Ellipse or Circle - whichever one is more appropriate for the graphic
Mode: Add (Shift)
Feather: 0
Anti-alias is checked

3. Touch the center of the canvas and pull the circle or ellipse out until it surrounds
as much of the graphic as possible

4. Selections>Invert

5. Edit>Clear

6. Selections>Invert

7. Layers>New Raster Layer

8. Effects>Plugins>Alien Skin>Eye Candy 5>Impact - Glass Settings:
SSSphere2 preset
Click the Basic tab
Glass Color
Left click the arrow on the color swatch
Left Click Foreground Color

9. Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

10. Activate the Selection Tool (S) Settings:
Selection type: Rectangle
Mode: Add (Shift)
Feather: 0
Anti-alias is checked
Click the Create selection from:
Layer opaque button

11. Image>Crop to Selection

12. Layers>New Raster Layer

13. Add your credit(s)

If you would like to learn how to create text on a curve see a tutorial

14. Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

15. File>Save as a .png and as the letter header

16. Assemble both pieces in Letter Creator
Note: On the Body Tab in Letter Creator
Tile is clicked
Image Position Center
Otherwise you won't see the image we pasted into the background border

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