Paint Shop Pro - Free Trial
Animation Shop 3
Some versions of Paint Shop pro included it
I believe Corel offers it in Paint Shop Pro Version X4 as well
X-Fader - Demo
MuRa's Seamless Filters - Checks with Gradation
Bottom edge mask of choice (not provided)
Put into the "My PSP" Masks folder
A graphic - no tubes

*This tutorial was created with Paint Shop Pro 9
*Do not deselect until instructed to do so
*Settings will remain the same as last used unless otherwise noted

1. Launch Paint Shop Pro and open the graphic

2. Make a note of the size

3. Edit>Copy

4. Launch X-Fader

a. File>New

b. Type in the width and height of the image

c. Click OK

d. Edit>Paste - you should see your graphic

e. Click the X at the top

f. On the screen that comes up type in these settings:
Fade horizontal checked
Fade vertical checked
Static area checked

g. Set both the static X and static Y sliders to 100%

h. Move the static X slider to the left until the graphic looks seamless
The top to the bottom doesn't matter
Adjust side to side

i. When you are satisfied with it click ok

j. Edit>Copy

k. Close out X-fader without saving any changes

Back to Paint Shop Pro

5. Edit>Paste>Paste As New Image

6. Image>Resize Settings:
No greater than 250 pixies on the largest side
Lock aspect ratio: checked
Resize using: checked
Smart Size is selected
Maintain original print size is not checked
Resize all layers is checked

7. Adjust>Sharpness>Sharpen - only if absolutely necessary

8. Activate the Dropper Tool (E)

9. Left click a darker color in the graphic to set the Foreground and Stroke Color
in the Materials Palette

10. Right click a lighter color to set the background and Fill Color in the Materials Palette

11. Set the Background and Fill Properties to Gradient Settings:
Angle 45
Repeats 1
Invert not checked
Style is linear

12. Shift+D to duplicate the graphic

13. Minimize one of them


Back to the maximized graphic

1. Layers>New Raster Layer

2. Activate the Flood Fill Tool (F)
Match mode: None
Sample merged is not checked
Blend mode: Normal
Opacity: 100

3. Right click the canvas to flood fill it with the background gradient

4. Lower the opacity of the layer to between 70 -80%
Enough so you can see the graphic through it

5. Layers>Merge>Merge Visible

6. Effects>Image Effects>Seamless Tiling at default

7. Set this pattern in the Foreground and Stroke Properties box in the Materials
Palette Settings:
Angle 0
Scale 100

8. Minimize it


1. Maximize the other copy of the graphic

2. Layers>Promote Background Layer

3. Layers>Load/Save Mask>Load Mask From Disk Settings:
Bottom edge mask of choice
Source Luminance Checked
Fit to Canvas
Show All Mask
Invert Transparency checked or not depends on your mask
If it is backwards
Layers>Invert Mask/Adjustment

4. Layers>Merge>Merge Group

5. Add your credit(S) towards the top of the image
Go ahead and do this now as we will be working with layers from here on out

6. Activate the Selection Tool (S) Settings:
Selection type: Rectangle
Mode: Add (Shift)
Feather: 0
Anti-alias is not checked

7. Select around a portion of the bottom edge of the mask

8. Layers>Promote Selection To Layer

9. Selections>Float

10. Selections>Defloat

Keep Selected

11. Activate the Flood Fill Tool (F)

12.Right click the selection to flood fill it with the background gradient

Keep Selected

13. Layers>Merge>Merge visible

Keep Selected

14. Layers>Duplicate

Keep selected

Working with the top layer

15. Rename the layer to Mask1

16. Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise Settings:
Gaussian is clicked
Monochrome is checked

Keep Selected

17. Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow Settings:
Vertical: 1
Horizontal: 1
Opacity: 100
Blur: 0
Color: black
Shadow on new layer is not checked

Keep selected

Working with the bottom layer

18. Rename the layer to Mask2

19. Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise Settings:

Keep Selected

20. Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow

21. Selections>Select None

22. Close off both of these layers in the Layers Palette


1. Image>Canvas Size Settings:
Width: Original Dimension shown
Height: Between 1,500 to 2,000 pixels
This will have a large impact on the saved file size
Top Center Placement Arrow is clicked

2. Layers>New Raster Layer

3. Layers>Arrange>Send to Bottom

4. Left click the canvas to flood fill it with the foreground pattern Settings:

5. Effects>Image Effects>Seamless Tiling at default

7. Layers>New Raster Layer

8. Right click the canvas to flood fill it with the background gradient

9. Effects>Texture Effects - Mosaic Antique Settings:
pj obscure in the drop down menu

10. Effects>Plug-ins>MuRa's Seamless - Checks With Gradation at default

11. Activate the magic Wand Tool Settings:
Mode: Add (Shift)
Match mode: RGB Value
Tolerance: 20
Sample merge: not checked
Contiguous: checked
Feather: 0
Anti-alias is not checked

12. Select all of the checks that are not the gradient

13. Edit>Clear

14. Selections>Select None

15. Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow Settings:
Vertical: 1
Horizontal: -1 (negative)
Opacity: 50
Color: black
Blur: 3
Shadow on new layer is not checked

16. Rename this layer to BG1

17. Layers>Duplicate

18. Rename the duplicated layer to BG2

19. Open back up all layers

20. Close off Mask1 and BG1 layers

21. Right click Mask2 layer and Merge>Merge Visible

22. Close off this newly merged layer

23. Open back up Mask1 and BG1 layers

24. Right click Mask1 layer and Merge>Merge Visible

25. Open back up both layers

26. File>Save as a PSP 7 compatible file

27. Launch Animation Shop

If you have not already done this make these changes to the settings in Animation Shop
Save the settings so you will always be able to open multi-layered files as 1
image with frames in the Paint Shop Pro

28. File>Preferences>General Program Preferences

29. File>Open

30. Locate the PSP file you saved

31. File>Save As (name it)

32. Follow the prompts
You should not have to make any changes to the settings

33. Use as the background of your letter in Letter Creator
Alignment is top left (I think)

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